About us

Politics of business in Sintproduktu involves the development, production and sale of oil and technical liquids for consumer, commercial and industrial segment. SINTOL A wide range of products, with more than 170 kinds of products and 500 different items, including with oil for motor vehicles and oil for agricultural and construction machinery, oil industry, various greases and technical liquids. The oil quality is confirmed by more than 30 approvals best known manufacturers of motor vehicles, approving the use of SINTOL oil in their vehicles and equipment. Numerous exploitation tests are carried out on the engine and equipment for large consumers, along with their experts, prove that SINTOL oil, can be used for a much longer interval than the recommended hours or mileage, which directly reduces the cost price.

Our products except in Serbia, I placed in the neighboring countries Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. In contrast to many competitors, SINTOL oil, have the best relationship between price and quality, provide longer drain interval, better protection and reliable operation of the engine, fuel economy and longer engine life, and since it is used in the manufacture of base oils and additives from reputable manufacturers which supply and manufacturers of world famous brands, there is no difference in the quality of their oil and SINTOL.

Sintprodukt DOO from Zrenjanin, as a manufacturer of lubricants and other fluids used in engines and industry, aims to become a recognizable name in the field of oil industry for its quality products, correct business relationships with customers and suppliers, carrying out their activities in a way that will contribute to the continuous improving the integrated system of management from quality, environmental, health and safety at work. We own integrated management system. As one of the leaders on the Serbian market, continuously improving its business processes we follow all the requirements of manufacturers of motor vehicles and other machinery and equipment, as well as applicable European standards in the oil industry.